#DePaul in the NEWS

November 01, 2014
United Hemispheres

Health care is "one of Chicagoland's primary economic drivers," according to United Hemispheres magazine, which notes that DePaul University is moving "aggressively into health careers as part of its Vision 2018 strategy." Fr. Dennis Holtschneider notes, "Computer Science now has a major school of Health IT. We have programs in Health Law, Health Business and Health Public Relations and Communications."

October 30, 2014
Washington Post

Looters acting on rumors of buried treasure -- Ottoman gold, Byzantine jewels, Roman coins -- are "destroying Jordan's rich cultural heritage piece by piece," reports the Washington Post. "What is driving the looting is demand," says Morag Kersel, a DePaul archaeologist. She and colleagues "fascinated by the trade" are tracking "how antiquities in Jordan are purloined and where they go" with their Follow the Pots Project.

October 30, 2014
Greenville Journal

"Some people like the thrill fear evokes, which is similar to what occurs when people sky dive out of airplanes or ski down steep mountains," clinical psychologist Leonard Jason tells the Greenville Journal. Philosophy professor Peter Steeves also discusses on Senior Voice America how zombies have become a cultural obsession.

October 29, 2014
DNAinfo Chicago

Described as "arguably the world's most interesting shipping container," by DNAinfo's Paul Biasco, the Liminal Camera made its way around Chicago taking pictures of the city. Los Angeles-based Metabolic Studio created the Liminal Camera as part of an ongoing project to map and depict the American landscape. The prints taken around the city will be part of a new exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum in May.

October 24, 2014
Huffington Post

Women-only colleges, music festivals and communities are grappling with questions of diversity and inclusion regarding transgender women, write Mona Shattell and Elizabeth McConnel in the Huffington Post. For a forthcoming study, the science and health experts interviewed women at Michfest about safe spaces and inclusion for gender-nonconforming people.

October 24, 2014
Printers Row

Voracious reader Jeff Quest talks to Printers Row about the formidable collection of spy novels in his Berwyn home. "Sometimes you can walk into a thrift store and buy a book for a dollar that's actually worth much more," says Quest, assistant director of DePaul's student centers.

October 21, 2014
Hollywood Chicago

"Speed Dating," directed by filmmaker Megann Artes is among the short films featured in the 50th Chicago International Film Festival.

October 20, 2014
Huffington Post

"Alternately wistful and electrifying" is how Huffington Post reviewer Carla Escoda describes the violin solo by DePaul Music School string

October 20, 2014

Credit card security breaches have prompted more shoppers to pay with cash, reports Crain's Chicago Business. But running to the ATM can be tiresome and "most consumers will choose convenience over safety," says Jacob Furst, director of the School of Computing at DePaul University.

October 20, 2014
NBC Chicago

NBC Chicago's Carol Marin looks at the battle of negative ads in the upcoming governor's race, which according to political scientist Michael Mezey, may not move undecided voters. "People remember the negative ad," says Mezey. "If you can get there early with those ads you are able to define your opponent. That helps you later on."