Associate professor wins award from Stanford Brainstorm lab

Olivia Freeman
November 09, 2017

This fall, Doris C. Rusch, an associate professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media, won the Audience Choice award at the Stanford Brainstorm Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovation Lab. Rusch collaborated with Susan Rivers from iThrive Games and DePaul students to create the award-winning video game, "Soteria VR." Rusch is one of six selected entrepreneurs to participate in this lab.

"Soteria VR" creates a virtual reality that promotes real-time mindset shifts to overcome anxiety. This game was partially created in DePaul's Play 4 Change Lab where interactive games, documentaries and projects are created to promote personal and social change.

Brainstorm is Stanford's Laboratory for Brain Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  The Virtual Reality and Augmented reality lab gave selected entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of experts. Participants also were able to solicit feedback on projects and explore the use of VR/AR technology to improve brain and behavioral health. VR/AR technology offers the potential to transform the way a physician can diagnose and treat diseases such as PTSD, anxiety, autism and opioid use.

Learn more about Play 4 Change and its projects on the Play 4 Change website