DePaul to host Fashion Revolution fair

Nicole Ross
April 12, 2018

On Friday, April 20, DePaul University will host Fashion Revolution - an event that seeks to address the question: How can we support ethical and sustainable practices in our apparel choices?

A collaboration between several departments and student organizations, the event invites students to take part in fighting fast fashion (or clothing designed to be replaced quickly) by providing apparel repair services, a clothing swap and fair-trade goods from local artisans and socially-conscious designers. Bill Cavanaugh, director of the Center of World Catholicism and Intercultural Theology, will moderate a panel discussion exploring global perspectives on the garment industry. Speakers include anti-sweatshop activist Nasreen Sheikh, Alta Gracia CEO Donnie Hodge and Social Fabric Founder Rev. Andrew O'Connor. The evening will culminate with a fashion show hosted by both the DePaul Fair Trade Committee and Chicago Fair Trade.

"Fashion Revolution centers around conscious consumerism - the idea that each purchase you make can have a positive global effect," says student Sarah King, president of DePaul's Fair Trade Committee. "We hope people shake up the world one purchase at a time by staying informed on fair trade, looking for the labels and being active in their communities and on their campus."

The event coincides with the worldwide Fashion Revolution week, which occurs every April in remembrance of the 1,134 victims of the Bangladesh factory that collapsed due to gross negligence of safe working conditions. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the incident, and though progress has been made, many of the underlying issues are still prevalent within the apparel industry.

"There is no simple remedy to these complicated issues," says Scott Kelley, assistant vice president for Mission Integration. "So, we must constantly ask the Vincentian question and seek out innovative solutions."

Friday, April 20
4 - 8 p.m.
Lincoln Park Student Center, room 120 A/B

For more information and a full schedule of the evening's events, please visit the DePaul event page.