Munoz Quadruplets All Choose DePaul

Kasia Kujawski
March 09, 2016

In a family with four children, it's a rarity that all four siblings will end up at the same university. It's an even greater rarity to find quadruplets all at the same school. Rarities can happen, however. Just ask the Munoz quadruplets - first-year students who chose colleges independently and all found themselves at DePaul University.

Roberto, an animation major, Andres, a physics major, Jelyssa, a health sciences major and Daniel, a computer science major, all grew up going to the same schools, but did not plan to attend the same university.

"We never thought we would end up at the same school," Jelyssa says. "Our mom knew all along though. When we were applying to schools, she said that we would all end up at the same school, but we never believed we would."

Indeed, Mom always knows.

The Munoz siblings report they are glad that they can all attend the same university and remain close, while also pursuing different academic and career paths.