Students win Fulbright, Boren and Gilman scholarships

Katherine Wilburn
May 18, 2017

Every year the process for Fulbright scholarships starts in the summer. More than ten thousand hopefuls spanning the nation submit applications. Nearly a year later, after passing several rounds of judging from professors at multiple universities globally, approximately 1,900 are chosen. This year, DePaul has six students and alumni who are winners of the Fulbright award. The scholarship provides a full year of academic funding for the student to live overseas and conduct research, study or teach English. The State Department sponsors the award.

"Winning these awards is very prestigious. It reflects well on the students and it reflects well on the faculty who provide assistance. It also shows our students have a lot of great opportunities," says Phillip Stalley, associate professor of political science and Fulbright advisor at DePaul.

This year three DePaul students have also been selected for Boren and Gilman scholarships, which are highly competitive as well. The Boren provides up to $20,000 for students to study abroad, with 160 spots available. Gilman provides up to $8,000 for study abroad or an overseas internship.

Students winning these awards plan to study in such countries as Jordan, Budapest and Malaysia. See below for more information on the winners of these awards:

Fulbright winners:

Salma Ghalyoun

  • Field of study: International studies
  • Country: Malaysia

Carolyn Kammer

  • Field of study: Psychology and Spanish
  • Country: Guatemala

Ani Kasparian

  • Field of study: Arabic, French and Spanish
  • Country: Jordan

Christina Origel

  • Field of study: International Studies, Spanish and Geography
  • Country: Mexico

Kyla Patterson

  • Field of study: Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse and Public Relations and Advertising

  • Country: Czech Republic

Daniel Rosiak

  • Field of study: Philosophy
  • Country: Colombia

Boren winners:

Tom Rietz

  • Field of study: Political Science and Economics
  • Country: Jordan

Dina Abdalla

  • Field of study: International Studies and Geography
  • Country: Oman

Gilman winner:

Corinne Tshimena

  • Field of study: Marketing and Management
  • Country: Hungary