True Blue Club builds affinity among faculty and staff

Katherine Wilburn
March 09, 2017

When it comes to sports, many people are steadfast about their teams and traditions. Some believe the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, others spend countless hours trying to pick the perfect bracket for March Madness. Since 2013, DePaul's True Blue Club has worked to foster that same passion within the university community for DePaul athletics.

With the idea of spreading Blue Demon affinity in mind, Karen Loiacono, associate athletic director for marketing and licensing, created DePaul True Blue Club as a resource for faculty and staff to get information about athletic events and other activities. Club members include faculty and staff from various departments across the university. True Blue members circulate information on athletics, encourage faculty and staff to attend events, and ultimately increase affinity for DePaul.

In the past, the club also has worked with DePaul Parent Connection to organize activities for children of faculty and staff, including bouncy houses and other family activities. Some kids also get the chance to join the players on the court or field before and after games.

"True Blue Club is made of faculty and staff who not only love this school, but also by their presence show respect for the student athletes or those on a dance team," says Sandra Tanksley, an academic advising assistant in the College of Education and an active member of the True Blue Club. "It's also to show how we, the staff and faculty, give back beyond our regular duties."

While True Blue may sound familiar, it differs from the Blue Crew, a student organization of DePaul Athletics, and the True Blue Society, which was established to honor devoted supporters of DePaul who make contributions three or more years in a row. Loiacono is advisor to Blue Crew, which helps True Blue work closely with students and promote student initiatives.

The club is currently focused on finishing out the basketball season, but its involvement is not limited to sports. This past fall, True Blue members went to The Theatre School - something they try to do seasonally --  for a performance of Romeo and Juliet.

"We encourage any resource group to reach out to True Blue club to achieve wide-spread affinity with a variety of DePaul activities." says Loiacono.

For more information about getting involved with DePaul True Blue Club contact Karen Loiacono at [email protected]. To purchase DePaul athletics tickets visit the Athletics website.