Provost announces changes in Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Clements
April 20, 2017

This week, DePaul Provost Marten denBoer announced the restructuring of certain responsibilities within the Division of Academic Affairs.

Since June 2015, Lawrence Hamer has been serving in a dual role as associate provost for governance and academic integrity and interim associate provost for research. Effective immediately, Hamer will assume the responsibilities of associate provost for research.

"Lawrence has done an excellent job overseeing the Office of Research Services these past two years, and I appreciate that he will continue in this role," denBoer says. "Accordingly, the current search for the open position will be suspended. Like many universities across the country, DePaul is in the process of making budget adjustments. I recognize that the lack of an individual whose sole responsibility is to expand research at DePaul is not ideal, and I hope this decision can be revisited soon."   

By continuing to serve in the role of associate provost for research, Hamer looks forward to building support for research and creative activities across campus, particularly those that are externally funded. His plans include:

  • Developing a method for supporting faculty with a history of externally funded research through the return of some indirect costs
  • Increasing opportunities for faculty to apply for and obtain course releases that can be used to pursue external grant opportunities
  • Offering a broader range of internal grants to better support the teaching, research and service activities of faculty across the university
  • Streamlining research compliance processes through the acquisition of a protocol management software system
  • Reviewing survey results to find other opportunities to improve the research environment at the university

In order to accommodate Hamer's new role, some of his current responsibilities will be reassigned. Lucy Rinehart, associate provost for academic programs and faculty, will assume the role of Faculty Council liaison. Rob Karpinski, associate vice president for external initiatives, will oversee the academic integrity process. Caryn Chaden, associate provost for student success and accreditation, will manage the academic calendar.

Hamer will continue to oversee diversity initiatives in Academic Affairs, including curriculum and program development, as well as faculty hiring and retention.

 "I continue to be grateful to all my colleagues for their willingness to make adjustments in order to best serve DePaul and its students," denBoer says.