SGA launches "On Thursdays We Wear Blue!" campaign to promote affinity

Matthew von Nida
January 07, 2015

On Thursdays We Wear Blue - or at least, that will be the case every Thursday for the rest of the school year.  DePaul's Student Government Association has been promoting DePaul affinity initiatives for several years now, from creating the Blue Demon Den on the second floor of the Student Center to cheering on athletes at sporting events.

Beginning on Thursdays this January, SGA is launching an "On Thursdays We Wear Blue!" campaign to promote affinity in the simplest of ways - through the way we dress. Wearing blue every Thursday doesn't just promote DePaul pride and affinity. It also reminds us that we are all a part of something bigger.

DePaul affinity affects the strength and longevity of the university's mission. Whether it is the recognition of a student's diploma around the world or the connection alumni feel toward DePaul 50 years after graduation, exhibiting a deep connection to DePaul displays a commitment to service and to a worldwide community of Blue Demons. It is a reminder that 24,000 students, 4,000 faculty, staff and administrators, and the 165,000 alumni are all in this together. We are all Blue Demons; we are all DePaul.

So break out your best blue outfits and get ready for "On Thursdays We Wear Blue!" Do you need more DePaul gear? No problem. SGA has worked with Barnes & Noble to provide everyone in the DePaul community a 15 percent off discount on all DePaul gear every Thursday.

For a chance to win prizes and be featured on Newsline, send your best Blue Thursday pictures to [email protected]. Bonus points for group photos!

On Thursdays We Wear Blue!

Matthew von Nida is president of the SGA.