Thank you, Father Holtschneider

Elizabeth Clements
June 16, 2017

Don't worry - it's Friday, not Thursday. We are publishing Newsline one day late this week to bring you the latest coverage from the university picnic, as well as last weekend's commencement ceremonies. This special edition of Newsline is dedicated to DePaul's 11th president, the Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.

Inside, you will find Fr. Holtschneider's final message to the university. In addition, a selection of features from the spring edition of DePaul Magazine highlight the evolution of the university and its accomplishments during Fr. Holtschneider's presidency. Curious about how archivists preserve the work of a university president? Take a look at this month's Into the Archives column. In the photo galleries, browse through moments you may have missed at commencement and the university picnic. And don't miss Fr. Holtschneider's retrospective video. (Have a box of tissues nearby.)

Today is Newsline's last scheduled issue for the academic year, and we will resume publication in 2017-18. Have a story idea for us to publish in the fall? Tell us about it here. Have a wonderful summer, and allow us to express our gratitude for Fr. Holtschneider one more time. 

Thank you, Fr. Holtschneider. We will miss you.