DePaul offers benefits for parents

Ben Craig
October 06, 2016

Managing a busy schedule can be a challenge, especially when that schedule involves tiny tots or other dependents. Luckily DePaul offers several benefits to help faculty and staff parents manage their families' time and well-being.

"There are a number of wonderful benefits DePaul provides to working parents, from flexible scheduling to adoption assistance to nursing rooms," says Nancy Hashimoto, director of advising in the College of Education and founder of DePaul Parents Connect. "DePaul even allows employees to enroll in a pre-tax salary deduction through the Dependent Care Flexible Savings Account to help with the high prices of child care."

Here HR explores some of the benefits that can make parenting a little easier for DePaul employees.

Adoption Assistance

Adding a new family member comes with enough new questions, getting help financially is not one of them. DePaul offers qualified employees up to $2,000 in financial adoption assistance.    

Bright Horizons Back-up Care

Perhaps you've got the family schedule figured out, and everything is going running as usual. But what about that morning when the sitter gets sick? Or your regular daycare is closed for a holiday when DePaul is not? Whenever the unexpected happens, Bright Horizons Back-Up Care can help. It offers affordable child and adult care for benefits-eligible part- and full-time faculty and staff. Take your child to one of their centers or request in-home care. Bright Horizons can help you miss less hours in the office and use your time away from work more efficiently. 

DePaul Parent Connection

Established in May 2015, DePaul Parent Connection provides opportunities for DePaul parents to network, learn, socialize and mentor one another, and to foster opportunities and resources for engagement and community building. The group serves as an institutional advisory group on issues related to parenting and aims to address the needs of parents among DePaul employees.​

"When I came back from my first maternity leave, I developed my own support group of fellow moms and we had quarterly lunches to connect with one another," Hashimoto says. "When I learned there was a similar group in Student Affairs, I knew we needed to include everyone around the university. I saw it as an opportunity to learn from one another, connect to colleagues on a personal level and to utilize the knowledge we have here within our own community. Everyone is supportive of one another and take the time to care for one another as individuals."

Topics of past events include potty training; encouraging reading and selecting books; navigating CPS; preparing for baby; understanding teenagers; and choosing preschool and kindergarten.

For more information or to find upcoming events, check out the DePaul Parent Connection website. Parents, grandparents, expecting parents and future parents can join the group by sending an email to [email protected].  

Employee Assistance Program

Is something causing you to toss, turn and lose sleep at night? Perhaps the Employee Assistance Program can help. The program provides convenient and confidential access to counseling and online educational resources. The EAP can help address personal issues, plan for big life events, assist in managing your daily life or gain guidance on anything that may be causing stress in your life.

Telecommuting and Flexible Work Arrangements 

Parents often have to juggle multiple schedules, manage childcare and consider school programs. Any flexibility in your work schedule can make a huge difference in the complexity of daily life. Work from home. Work late. Come in early and avoid the bustling expressways during rush hour. At DePaul, working from home or shifting hours may be a viable option.

To learn more about these benefits and other family benefits DePaul offers, visit the HR website or contact the office at [email protected].