Finish line in sight for 2016-17 performance year

Sarah Frost
May 11, 2017

The finish line is in sight for the 2016-17 performance year. June 30 is less than two months away, and you've been working on your goals all year. It's time to sit down with your manager to reflect on your progress, and celebrate your success and hard work. Now is the time to think about what you learned from the projects that may have presented some challenges and identify learning opportunities for next year.

Your first step should be talking to your manager about this year's process. All 2016-17 performance appraisal forms are due to the Office of Human Resources by Oct. 1. However, your department may set an earlier internal deadline.

Once you have discussed a timeline with your manager, here are some easy-to-follow steps:

  • Make sure your goals are entered into ePerformance and have been approved by your manager. If there were changes to your goals over the year, make sure to update them in the system before they are approved.
  • Complete your self-appraisal by entering ratings and comments for each section of the form. When you're done, submit that to your manager.
  • Your manager will enter ratings and comments and send the form back to you for your review.
  • You and your manager will meet to discuss the completed appraisal together.
  • You'll finish the process by electronically submitting the form.

Many of you have completed this process before, and there are no changes this year. However, improvements to the system have been made based on your feedback from our performance appraisal survey. "AUTO SAVE" is now functional and ready to go. While we still recommend manually saving occasionally, the auto save is there to back you up. We heard several other great ideas for streamlining the performance appraisal process and are working on some options for next year.

If you're new to the process or would like a refresher, HR is here to help:  

  • HR's online training offers an introduction to our performance appraisal process that you can complete at any time.
  • We offer in-class sessions and are happy to set up custom sessions with your team.
  • Job aids, tips, and F.A.Q's. are available on the HR website. Contact HR anytime at 312-362-8342 or at [email protected].

We hope you have had a great 2016-17. You're almost there!