HR launches Management Foundations Training

Sarah Frost
June 08, 2017

Are you a manager? Are you planning to become a manager? Are you interested in advancing your professional development? If so, the Management Foundations program is for you.

The Office of Human Resources recently launched a Management Foundations certificate. This program starts with "Manage like Vincent," a collaboration between HR and the Office of Mission and Values. This in-class session asks participants to reflect on the role of DePaul's Vincentian mission, vision, values and history, as well as how the teachings of St. Vincent de Paul can be applied to day-to-day work. The program highlights the expectation that all DePaul managers maintain a commitment to service, strategic planning, resource management and professional development.  You will consider your own strengths as a current or future manager, and be provided a space to ask questions and share ideas with your colleagues.

Once you've gotten off to a good start with the foundational Vincentian values, the program moves on to specifics. How does a DePaul manager fulfill these important commitments?

To answer that question and support you in your work, the training offers a deeper look into six key management topics:

  • The Annual Performance Management Process
  • Setting and Maintaining Performance Goals
  • Ongoing Coaching and Feedback
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Compensation Basics
  • Employee Relations and Engagement

Each of these six topics is offered as a blended learning experience. First, you'll complete a 20-minute online e-learning module. This self-directed session will provide you with an introduction to the topic and an outline of best practices at the university. You'll then put that knowledge to work in the classroom at one of our skill labs. Working with your peers, you'll apply key concepts to real world scenarios through experiential learning and interactive case studies.

When you complete both parts of each topic - six topics total, you'll receive a Management Foundations certificate from HR. More importantly, you'll be well-versed in best practices at DePaul and more confident as you encounter your next management challenge.

To sign up, simply visit the management training page on the HR website.