A pulse on the perks at DePaul

Ben Craig
March 09, 2017

In addition to the heavy focus on its core mission - delivering an extraordinary and accessible education for students - DePaul also strives to provide an environment where faculty and staff can fulfill their purpose and take pride in their place of employment. The proof of that positive work environment is in the numbers. According to Jessica Cook, director of talent acquisition, DePaul receives 25,000 applications for the 400 staff positions filled every year. 

"People have a genuine affinity for DePaul," Cook says. "They love the mission, and they want to be part of an organization that is helping the lives of others." 

The university's mission and the opportunity to help fulfill it are largely what attract candidates to apply and employees to stay. But the perks are pretty good, too. Here's a glance at what's new, what's improved and what's tried and true when it comes to benefits at DePaul.

What's new

  • New staff compensation program
  • Implementation of the overtime rule, despite government's decision to delay
  • Tuition discount for DePaul families at DePaul College Prep (up to $2,000 based on need)
  • ALEX - a user-friendly, personalized information hub. ALEX is a web application that helps guide users through the selection of benefits based on information they provided

What's improved

  • 403(b) match increase from 8.5 percent to 9 percent
  • Expanded fitness center on the Loop Campus (CDM building)
  • Expanded discounts at exercise and yoga studios throughout the city
  • Conversion to Wage Works from Conexis - In response to employee feedback, we converted pre-tax transportation and FSA benefits to a more user-friendly platform

What's tried and true

  • Annual merit increase pool of 2.5 percent
  • Healthy Vin-Cent$ Wellness Campaign, now offering more ways to earn points
  • Staff Career Workshops - These popular one-day programs provide attendees with knowledge, skills and coaching designed to empower them to achieve their career goals at DePaul