Vol. 49 No. 19


Lynn Safranek
March 16, 2016

Under new initiatives announced recently by Provost Marten denBoer, adjunct faculty will be provided with enhanced course cancellation fees; multicourse contracts will be offered to eligible adjuncts, and structures will be developed to give adjuncts voice in the university. Learn more about DePaul's continuing efforts to meet adjunct faculty members' needs.

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Elizabeth Clements
March 16, 2016

Large data sets don't intimidate students of Rajul Jain. In her classroom, public relations students learn how to use the latest technological tools to analyze case studies and make recommendations to clients. Read more about how Jain makes DePaul students world ready.

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Andrea Bainbridge
March 16, 2016

In honor of Women's History Month, Into the Archives looks at the early history of women at DePaul and their status as "coeds" on campus.

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DePaul's environment IS Chicago, and that connection to the city is one of our greatest assets. It's leveraged to ensure students are professionally experienced and networked. View the second of four new videos produced by the Enrollment Management and Marketing division.
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Office of Academic Affairs
March 11, 2016

Since the university became aware of labor union efforts to organize DePaul adjunct and term faculty, it has launched an informational website, Adjunct Info Hub, to help faculty members make fully informed decisions on the issue. Union representation of adjunct and term faculty for purposes of collective bargaining would have significant and long-lasting impacts not just for adjunct and term faculty, but for all DePaul faculty, staff, students - and our university's culture. Learn more about the newest additions to the Adjunct Info Hub.

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#DePaul In The NEWS

March 14, 2016

"Before you go to the polls on Tuesday, ask yourself a question: Is the presidential candidate you are voting for compassionate, collaborative and inspirational? Or arrogant, controlling and aggressive? Whether you sway left, right or center, hear me out," writes management expert Jaclyn Jensen in Crain's Chicago Business. "We need to admire qualities that predict leader effectiveness, not merely emergence."

March 09, 2016

"When you look at the Chicago Stock Exchange, you have a relatively small player in a larger sector that we could describe as being in secular decline," says Patrick J. Murphy, a U.S. and Chinese business relations expert. During a discussion on CCTV-America, Murphy explains why China would be interested in purchasing the Chicago Stock Exchange, how the sale would benefit the exchange and what political hurdles might get in the way of the transaction.

March 07, 2016

When presidential candidates volley insults, the media is "kind of a cheerleader for this anger," says Bruce Evensen, director of DePaul's journalism program. Donald Trump's frequent barbs are paying off, casting a "long deep shadow" of lopsided free media coverage, Evensen explains to WJLA.


Friday, April 1, 2016

This year's symposium seeks to focus on the evolution of the legal profession as we know it. From strategies for finding and celebrating identity in the workplace to navigating what it means to devote oneself to both family and career, this year's symposium will provide attendees with a thought-provoking and meaningful experiene.

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DePaul University College of Law is an accredited CLE provider.This event has been approved for up to 3.0 CLE credits.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Nine DePaul professors answer trivia questions in the areas of their research while helping contestants chosen randomly from the audience to win big prizes in an update of the classic TV game show that brings together all the fun of rigorous scholarship, tic-tac-toe, and comedy. Join friends and colleagues from History, AMD, Physics, Philosophy, Theater, English, Modern Languages, Sociology, and SNL, and share in the prize give-away worth more than $400!

Discounted parking available. See DHC staff for details.