Vol. 50 No. 37
Elizabeth Clements
May 04, 2017

For 22 years, Donna Max has served as DePaul's trusted confidante, master of diplomacy and ultimate resource. As the special assistant to the provost, she supported the university's top leadership and helped countless students, parents, faculty and trustees. This June, Max will retire and officially hand the keys for Academic Affairs to her successor.

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Rachel Marciano
May 04, 2017

For nearly 10 years, Rina Bongsu-Petersen has transformed numbers into colorful, digestible visual content. In an effort to share her passion with fellow data visualization practitioners, she created Tableau software user groups for both DePaul and the broader Chicago community. 

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Katherine Wilburn
May 04, 2017

Christina Lattner witnessed the impact upon multiple women in her life who were diagnosed with cervical cancer at alarmingly late stages. As a practicing nurse, she decided to do something about it. Read on to learn why this assistant clinical professor in the School of Nursing decided to research the Human Papillomavirus, commonly known as HPV, and its impact on the African-American community.

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Jordyn Holliday and Kristin Mathews
May 04, 2017

DePaul students and alumni will compete at the first Purpose Pitch Competition on May 11 at startup incubator 1871. Four startups will have five minutes to pitch an idea they believe in while connecting it to an overarching business model.

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#DePaul In The NEWS

May 02, 2017
Chicago Sun-Times

"Understanding history is vitally important, and not just because history explains our contemporary society," write historians Thomas Foster and Margaret Storey in the Chicago Sun-Times. In response to President Donald Trump's recent comments on Andrew Jackson and the Civil War they write: "A key value of studying history is that it teaches us how to draw conclusions based on evidence. Understanding how to weigh evidence -- thoroughly and scrupulously -- is the only way to make reasoned decisions in any field."

May 01, 2017
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Law students at DePaul are graduating with more real-world experience, thanks to the Third Year in Practice program, reports the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. "They're pretty much perceived as employees," says program director David A. Rodriguez. "After they do their intensive externships, when I talk to them, it's like talking to a colleague."

April 26, 2017
DNAinfo Chicago

It has been a long road back from the housing market crash of 2008, but several Chicago neighborhoods are seeing single-family homes rise to their highest point ever, according to the annual Institute for Housing Studies Cook County House Price Index. "Demand is pretty strong in the city. You'll still see in areas that are lower cost that (there) are going to be short-term price increases," says Geoff Smith, the institute's executive director, in DNAinfo.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

The 2013 court ruling, "La Sentencia," stripped citizenship from Dominicans of Haitian descent. The State's assault on national membership questions the right of over one-quarter million individuals to

exist within the boundaries of the Dominican Republic. This attempt to contain race and nation creates frightening degrees of vulnerability for all Haitians in the country. This panel will historicize "La Sentencia," as well as discuss educational-activist organizing in both the Dominican Republic and the Diaspora surrounding this struggle for citizenship.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Every ten years, DePaul participates in a process of reaccreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Accreditation is important for ensuring that the university continues to improve its offerings and services. HLC accreditation also enables eligible DePaul students to receive federal financial aid. As part of the reaccreditation process this year, the Higher Learning Commission review team would like to hear from students, faculty, and staff about their experiences at DePaul.