2016 Holiday book guide

Rachel Marciano
December 15, 2016

In need of some help with your holiday shopping? Look no further than Newsline's 2016 holiday book guide. From dissecting a play to Arabic literature in Africa to gay rights, our DePaul authors featured in Signed by the Author this year are sure to have written something for everyone on your list.

Arts & entertainment

"Controversies in Digital Ethics" by Paul Booth, College of Communication; Amber Davisson, Keene State College 

"How to Read a Play" by: Damon Kiely, The Theatre School

"René Magritte: Selected Writings" edited by: Kathleen Rooney, Department of English; Eric Plattner, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse


"Spiritual Experiences in Early Childhood Education" by Jennifer Mata, College of Education


"Journey to Appleville" by Veronica Appleton, College of Communication

"Peerless Detective" by Michael Raleigh, Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse


"Ethics in Psychology and the Mental Health Professions: Professional Standards and Cases, 4th Edition" by Gerry Koocher, College of Science and Health

"Medical Ethics" by Craig Klugman, Department of Health Sciences


"The Arabic Literature of Africa: The Writings of Mauritania and the Western Sahara" by Babacar Mbengue, Department of History

"Domesticity in the Making of Modern Science" by: Donald Opitz, School for New Learning; Staffan Bergwik, Stockholm University; Brigitte Van Tiggelen, the Chemical Heritage Foundation


"Eulerian Numbers" by Kyle Petersen, Department of Mathematical Sciences


"The General Will: The Evolution of a Concept" by David Lay Williams, Department of Political Science; James Farr, Northwestern University

"The History of Beyng" translated by William McNeill, Department of Philosophy; Jeffrey Powell, Marshall University

Political interest

"The Courts, the Ballot Box, and Gay Rights" by Joe Mello, Department of Political Science

"The Marketing Revolution in Politics: What Recent U.S. Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us About Effective Marketing" by Bruce I. Newman, Department of Marketing

"Mass Incarceration and the Execution of Black Political Power" by Christina Rivers, Department of Political Science

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