Meet Michaeljon Greene, future producer and student leader extraordinaire

Chae Wohn
March 02, 2017

When a young Michaeljon Greene came home from school in Lincoln, Delaware, he would turn on the television and watch soap operas with his mother. Soap operas turned into narrative dramas, then coming of age stories and soon after, psychological thrillers. Greene quickly found himself enamored with the art of film and television, in addition to a family-influenced interest in business:  his mother owns a small business and his older brother is an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Greene is now a DePaul sophomore studying film and television with minors in screenwriting and accountancy. Initially, Greene decided to attend film school to be a cinematographer. Once at DePaul, however, he discovered a passion for producing.

"There's something about staying up until four in the morning crunching numbers, putting together contracts and filling out paperwork that appeals to me," Greene says.

Greene also places a high priority on student involvement at DePaul.

"Growing up, my parents taught me that the more you immerse yourself in the school experience, the more you can foster an environment in which you thrive," he says.

He is now vice president of academic affairs for the Student Government Association, executive secretary for the Illinois Board of Higher Education student advisory committee and undergraduate student ambassador for the College of Computing and Digital Media. He's also the programming chair for Delta Kappa Alpha, a co-educational professional fraternity that Greene hopes to bring to DePaul by spring.

But Greene's dedication to university activities doesn't stop there.

He is the traditions coordinator for Blue Demon Week, a week of spirit and affinity activities, dedicated to fostering what he believes to be a key to academic success: school spirit and involvement. Greene is one of seven students who sit on the Blue Demon Week Committee to plan and coordinate all the week's activities. As traditions coordinator, he is responsible for organizing various campus marketing efforts and the office decorating spirit packs. He also manages student organization involvement in Blue Demon Week, the Blue Demon Week Kickoff, Demon Dodgeball Showdown and other events.

"I believe school spirit at its very core provides a sense of community. Students, parents, teachers and administrators work together for the common purpose of designing activities for all segments of the school population to enjoy," Greene says.

This year's Blue Demon Week offered community-building initiatives through such activities as basketball game watching parties, office decorating, the Blue Demon challenge fundraising initiative, faculty/staff alumni luncheons and a Blue Demon Dance for students.

"Academics will always come first, but I once took a year-long hiatus from being involved in school activities and felt disconnected. I have met some of my greatest friends through school activities, as well," Greene says. "Being involved deeply connects me to my education, allows me to build meaningful relationships and keeps me engaged."